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Textile recycling
65m kg
processed textiles per year
30 countries
to which our products are sold
second-hand stores
40m PLN
donated to charity
The early years

It all started in the 1990s, with one minibus in which the founder of Wtórpol brought used clothing from Germany to Poland.
Today, the company is one of the largest worldwide in the textiles processing industry and employs over 1000 people.

Production of industrial cleaning cloth

We process the most worn-out and unwearable clothes into industrial cleaning cloth – an indispensable product in industry. The cleaning cloth goes to Polish factories and abroad. A 100% recycling rate for sourced textiles is of great importance for the natural environment.

Export to African countries launched

Wtórpol currently exports clothing to 20 African countries. An unexpected visit to the company's headquarters in Skarżysko-Kamienna by a businesswoman from Malawi, who arrived in flip-flops and summer clothes in the middle of winter, carrying a large sum of money to offer cooperation which continues to this day, is one of the highlights in the company's history. When exporting clothes to Africa, we have repeatedly sent gifts collected in Poland for mission centres and orphanages, including those in Cameroon and Burkina Faso.

Wtórpol starts collecting used clothes

More and more containers into which people may throw unnecessary clothing are installed all over Poland. Thanks to them, every year millions of kilograms of textiles do not end up at landfills.

First second-hand store

Best quality clothing is delivered to our first second-hand store. Today Wtórpol operates a large, constantly growing chain of stores under a common brand. It offers Poles the opportunity to purchase designer clothes at an accessible price.

Eco Textil foundation: By People. For People established

Our flagship program “A Tricycle for the Disabled”, unique on the national scale. More than 4600 specialised tricycles worth over PLN 10m. By funding tricycles we help people with motor dysfunctions develop self-reliance.

A modernized production hall opens

At present, through the use of modern technologies, we process 300 tons of textiles during an eight-hour shift. 120 ranges. More than 1000 people. Assuming that there are five items of clothing per kilogram, during one shift we sort one 1.5 million articles of clothing!

Alternative Fuel Production

A new technological line adapted to the production of high-calorific, environmentally safe fuel launched.

Wtórpol in numbers

65m processed textiles per year
our products are sold to 30 African, European and Asian countries
100 second-hand stores
over 40m PLN donated to charity
100% of reused raw material

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We are ready to help you
Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
tel./fax 41 25 12 802 tel. +48 602 515 247
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