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Eco Textil foundation
By People For People.

6000 rehabilitation tricycles with a market value of PLN 15 million donated to the needy by the Eco Textil Foundation together with the Polish Red Cross. This is the current outcome of our programme “A Tricycle for the Disabled”.

PLN 15 100 000
worth of equipment donated
rental of rehabilitation equipment

Free tricycle rental

In 2017, the Eco Textil Foundation launched another nationwide program. Together with local partners, we create Free Rehabilitation Tricycle Rentals. We open new rentals in consecutive cities. We are looking forward to working with local governments and associations.

We support
the Polish Red Cross

We attach special importance to supporting the Polish Red Cross Poland’s oldest and largest charity organization. We appreciate the idea behind the Polish Red Cross, which is why we have been supporting their activities both materially and financially for many years. We are involved in campaigns: food collections before holidays, preparation of school supplies for children from poor families and campaigns promoting blood donation.

Sponsored events

We have always supported various cultural and sports events. For many years we have sponsored: Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service and foundations such as “Daj Szansę” or “Zdążyć z Pomocą”. What is commonly referred to today as Corporate Social Responsibility Wtórpol has been carrying out on a large scale for a quarter of a century!

The company is a strategic sponsor of regular events: the Wtórpol Half-Marathon around Lake Rejów, the Wtórpol Rejów Triathlon, the Christian Music Festival “Muzyką do Nieba” and the “Szantyskar” maritime music festival.

Wtórpol regularly offers financial support to other social organizations, such as the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service, foundations such as “Daj Szansę” or “Zdążyć z Pomocą”, night shelters, organisations helping people with disabilities, as well as animal shelters.

Our partners

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