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Help protect the environment and support the poorest

Support the poorest while protecting the environment at the same time. Instead of throwing away used clothes to a rubbish bin you can dispose of textiles into containers belonging to Eco Textil or the Polish Red Cross, our social partner organisation. Each year we process an average of 65m kg of textiles. Consequently, they do not end up at landfill sites. Otherwise, the disposal of so many tons of textiles would absorb millions of zlotys.

Do not throw away used textiles – put them into clothes containers.

In Poland alone there are over 60,000 containers into which you can throw used clothes and other textiles. Not only do we save old clothes from being dumped at a landfill, but also we contribute to a reduction in volumes of waste generated!

Container management

Have you noticed a damaged container or scattered clothes?

Tell us about it!

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