Giving clothes a second life

We collect and sort unnecessary clothes to give them a second life. You clean out your wardrobe, we make sure nothing goes to waste. Together we support those in need. And we have been doing so for 30 years.

We clean out the wardrobes of the Poles

We collect second-hand clothes, toys and textiles in containers marked with the Eco Textil Foundation and the Polish Red Cross. Clothes that are no longer needed by someone serve others. We share the profits from our activities with those in need. Help us create a second circuit – together we can do more.

We use 100% of the items collected

What happens to used clothes has a huge impact on the environment and our lives. You can throw your unnecessary items into the rubbish bin and thus create further waste or into a container to start a new story and help those in need. You, with your daily decisions, have a real impact on the future of the planet. And we save an average of 84 million kilograms of clothing every year.

What we do has an impact on the imagination

Every year, we save 84 million kg of clothing from the landfill.

The collected textiles would fill up to the ceiling of four Congress Halls in the Palace of Culture and Science.

We sort 1.5 million pieces of clothing during one shift.

That much clothing would be enough to dress all the tourists in Zakopane from head to toe on the most crowded weekend.

In one day we give a second life to 350 tonnes of textiles.

They weigh as much as three billion bees pollinating flowers.

We have so far donated PLN 40 million to those in need.

We believe that together we can do even more. Charitable activities are the No. 1 of our extra initiatives.

Together we can do more

Together with our partners, we implement sustainable development practices, focusing primarily on aspects of environmental education, the concept of zero waste, the promotion of responsible fashion, as well as encouraging pro-health habits.

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