Alternative fuel

Energy is the cornerstone of today’s civilisation, its manufacture is still based on crude oil, natural gas and coal, whose global resources are rapidly diminishing, in addition to being non-renewable. It became clear that it was necessary to find new sources of energy.
One solution to this issue was to create an alternative fuel – environmentally safe, cheap to produce and high in energy, capable of replacing traditional raw materials. This has been achieved. Amongst other things, clothing is used to manufacture it. Worn and damaged clothes, for which there is no other use, are recycled and turned into a high-quality energy source.

  • RDF

    energy from textiles

  • 100%

    of clothing used

  • EKO

    we act ecologically

Eco-friendly fuel

For the purpose of manufacturing alternative fuel, this what has been previously manufactured and has become useless to people is used. This what has not long ago been considered waste for which no use has been found and which has ended up in landfills, has become an energy raw material with a value no less than that of coal or other minerals. After processing of the most damaged garments, it is worth emphasising – exclusively mechanically, without the use of chemical additives, a high-calorific fuel is created, with parameters defined by the EU and national legislation restrictive in this respect. This is what a circular economy looks like in practice.




Superior quality

The alternative fuel produced at the Skarżysko-Kamienna plant is of the highest quality, which is appreciated by our customers. This is confirmed by an EU quality certificate, which means that it meets the criteria for sustainable development and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Every year, we turn thousands of tonnes of raw material, still often treated as waste, into a source of valuable energy, which has a considerable impact on improving the environment in Poland. We deliver it to cement plants and other manufacturing plants adapted to use the RDF fuel in their own processes.

Why rely on alternative fuels?

It is cheap and high-energy
It does not contribute to the drain on decreasing and ever more expensive traditional energy sources.
It is produced from 100% secondary raw materials
It is produced from textiles that cannot be used in any other way and would end up in landfill.

Opportunities and challenges

Alternative fuel seems to be the ideal solution, but like everything, it has its drawbacks. It cannot be stored for long periods of time because, due to its electrostatic properties, it tends to self-ignite. Manufacturers must therefore deliver it to consumers on an ongoing basis. This type of fuel cannot be used in the households. Complex cooker and filter systems are needed to make their combustion completely safe for the environment. Today, these are very expensive and only large industrial plants can afford them.They are most often used by power plants and cement plants, although this will probably change in the near future, as some towns are already investing in systems that make it possible to use alternative fuels. Why? As they are many times cheaper than traditional fuels.

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