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Polish Red Cross (PCK)

For each kilogram of clothes that ends up in the second-hand clothing containers marked with the Eco Textil Foundation or the Polish Red Cross (PCK) symbol, the Polish Red Cross, which is a social partner of Wtórpol, receives financial resources that it allocates to its statutory activities - including improving the quality of life of the neediest families.

ReCYCling with I Touch = I Win

The objective of the campaign is to promote breast health through regular self-examination and wearing a well-fitting bra. The Wtórpol company joined in reCYCling

Sorting for Circularity – Fashion for Good

Wtórpol, as the only Polish company, has joined the 'Sorting for Circularity' project dedicated to the model of sorting and placing clothes into re-circulation. The project aims to create a more efficient infrastructure for processing textile waste in order to increase the promotion of sorting and re-circulation activities, in line with the circular economy.

Jackob Buczynski x Wtórpol

It has been there that Jackob has begun to create his second upcycling collection - at the place where textiles from more than 60,000 containers placed all over Poland end up.

Auchan – Swap Your Old Rucksack for a New One

The initiative is being pursued in accordance with the principles of a circular economy. This is a system that minimises the consumption of raw materials and the volume of waste, as well as emissions and energy losses by reusing things no longer needed in other processes. In addition to environmental concerns, the social aspect of the entire project is equally important - support and cooperation with local communities, as is the educational dimension - showing children and young people that they can also have a real impact on saving the environment.

Top Model

Participants of the best-known fashion programme in Poland visited locations owned by Wtórpol in two editions - in one, the TekStylowo second hand shop, and in the other, the clothing sorting plant in Skarżysko - Kamienna. Their tasks have consisted in giving a 'second life' to clothes and showing how much impact our fashion choices have on the environment and the health of the planet.

The Poles’ knowledge of recycling – research report

Awareness in our society about environmental issues is growing every year. More and more people understand that our choices in purchasing clothing, as well as disposing of unnecessary clothing, also have a real impact on the environment. The issue is particularly familiar to our company. For this reason, together with a research company and experts connected with the fashion industry, we have created a report showing the trends and opinions prevailing in society.

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  • The media will report on the effects of our actions

  • You will contribute to the process of educating the market

  • You will gain a reliable partner

  • You will acquire knowledge in the field of CSR

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