Cleaning cloths - a useful recycling product

Cleaning cloth is used to wipe off grease and other dirt. It is indispensable when maintaining machinery, as well as in the work of garages, production plants and many other production and service facilities.
Importantly, the materials used to manufacture the cleaning cloth are 100 per cent recycled. It is manufactured from selected garments that are no longer wearable, but retain all the quality parameters of cotton fabric. Our product is certified by the Polish Hygiene Association (PZH).

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White and coloured cotton

Not every material is suitable for the manufacturing of a cleaning cloth, we only use cotton fabric. As a result, our product has high absorption properties and does not leave residues such as pollen or material fragments on the surfaces to be cleaned, it has high durability and does not dust during use, which is crucial when maintaining machines or flat surfaces.


What they are used for

Depending on their needs, industrial cleaning cloths can be used in the mechanical, metal or automotive industries, where they are used to wipe and clean key parts of manufacturing processes. Cleaning cloths are also used in the food industry. There, they play an important role in maintaining hygiene in manufacturing.
Furthermore, different types of cleaning cloths are also used in the hospitality industry, where they help to maintain hygiene both in the kitchen and in the guest areas.

  • White tricot
  • Light tricot
  • Colourful tricot
  • White, bed cotton
  • Terry towels
  • Colourful, bed cotton

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