How does it work?

We clean out the wardrobes of the Poles

What to do with unnecessary clothes? It’s easy! Donate your redundant clothes to the PCK or Eco Textil containers. Why is it worth it? This way we save textiles from landfill and give them a chance for a second life.

We transport the collected textiles to the sorting plant

Local companies operate the containers and deliver the textiles to the modern sorting plant of Wtórpol. We collect mainly undamaged items, because only such can be recycled in second-hand shops.

We supply second-hand shops

Clothing of the right quality goes to second-hand shops. In this way, we create more jobs and make it possible to purchase high-quality clothing at attractive prices.

We export to 36 countries

Some of the quality garments, which are selected according to the customer’s requirements, are exported and sent predominantly to Africa and Asia. Our cooperation has lasted for more than 20 years.

We turn unnecessary textiles into useful items

And how do we deal with things that are unsuitable to go back into circulation unchanged? We produce cleaning cloth from cotton and convert the remaining items into alternative fuel.

How it is done - that is, our technological process

  • Containers for used clothing

    This is where the journey of your unnecessary clothes begins. In one of the 60,000 special containers located in almost every locality in Poland. The containers for clothing are emptied on a regular basis and their contents are sent to the sorting plant in Skarżysko-Kamienna. Annually, this amounts to an average of 84 million kilograms of clothes, i.e. around 1.5 million pieces of clothing every day! While the plant can process up to three times that volume. In the sorting plant, a process divided into many stages is implemented.

  • 4 stages of sorting

    First, the most damaged clothes are separated from those in good condition. However, even these have a role to play - some will be used to produce alternative fuel. Cotton is used to produce cleaning cloth, which is sold to more than 6,000 companies in Poland and abroad). Cloth made from wool will be exported as raw material and will be used, among other things, in the manufacturing of carpets.

  • Best apparel

    Clothing in good condition goes to the next stage. These are the items that can return to the market in an unprocessed form. They are sorted by grade and type, for example - clothing for children, dresses, jackets, trousers, shoes, handbags - about 120 categories in total. The best quality items are put back on sale - in Poland to a network of nearly 100 stationary TekStylowo shops and an online shop or exported to 36 countries around the world.

See how we operate

Find out about our research report on recycling

The report presents the level of awareness of the Polish society about clothes recycling, as well as habits related to purchasing and disposing of clothing. It analyses attitudes towards ecological issues. It is a material for both ecological enthusiasts and people just starting their adventure with clothes recycling.

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