Why is it worth trusting us?

  • We pursue the idea of second circulation

    Every item that goes into a container gains a second life.

  • We are a company with Polish capital

    We give jobs to thousands of people and contribute to improving the environment.

  • We have more than 30 years of experience

    Sensing the market, reacting quickly to its trends and making sound business decisions has been part of our history for years.

  • We export products to 36 countries

    Exclusively carefully selected garments, according to the customer's order.

  • We hold a number of social campaigns

    Sustainability, environmental education, promotion of responsible fashion, all based on the idea of zero waste.

  • We support the Eco Textil Foundation and the Polish Red Cross

    Over three decades, the company has donated more than PLN 40 million to charity.

Find out more about our history

This is where it all began

It all began with a single bus used by the founder of Wtórpol to bring used clothing from Germany to Poland in the 1990s. Today, the company is one of the largest in the world in textile processing and gives employment to more than 1,000 people.

Production of factory cleaning cloths

We process the most worn-out, unwearable clothes into industrial cleaning cloths - an indispensable product for industry. The cleaning cloths goes to the Polish production plants, and is exported. 100% recycling of worn-out clothes is of great importance for the environment.

We start exporting to the African countries

We now export clothing to 36 African countries. A visit to the headquarters of the company by a businesswoman from Malawi, who turned up in flip-flops and summer clothes in the middle of winter to offer cooperation that continues to this day, has made history.

Clothing collection begins

Containers to which anyone can donate unnecessary clothing are appearing in increasing numbers all over Poland. Thanks to this, textiles do not end up in the landfills, but are given a second life.

First second-hand shop

The best quality clothing arrives in the first second hand shop. Today, Wtórpol has a large and still growing network of shops, operating under the co-brand TekStylowo. 30,000 people visit our shops every day, purchasing clothes of great quality at attractive prices.

Eco Textil Foundation is established

The flagship and nationally unique 'Bike for the Disabled' programme. More than 6,000 special tricycles worth more than PLN 10 million. In this manner, we help people with motor dysfunctions to develop their independence.

Opening of the modernised production hall

We now process 350 tonnes of textiles in an eight-hour shift, thanks to the use of modern technology. The clothes are sorted into 120 assortments; the textile recycling process is handled by a team of 1,000 people. Assuming five garments per kilogram, we sort one and a half million clothes in one shift!

Manufacturing of Alternative Fuel

Launch of a new process line adapted to the manufacture of a high-calorific, environmentally safe fuel.

Wtórpol in figures

84 million kg of processed textiles per year
- Our products reach 36 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia
- 100 second-hand shops under the TekStylowo brand
- More than 40 million PLN donated to charity
- 100% of textiles recycled

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