Export of second-hand clothing

This is a very important part of the activity of the company, last year alone we shipped 1,280 containers by sea with clothes collected exclusively in our country. We have customers in 36 countries on three continents. Good quality clothes, only carefully selected and 100% in accordance with the order of the customer, are dispatched to Africa.

  • 1000


    Our customers order exactly the garments they will be able to sell domestically. Quality is the primary criterion.

  • 36


    We base our long-standing cooperation and business relationships on mutual trust, We supply both garments and cleaning cloths to the European countries

  • 30

    years of cooperation

    The experience gathered and contacts established during this time have enabled us to become a leader in the export of second-hand clothes in Poland.

Quality and trust

We win foreign recipients mainly through direct contacts. Our specialists in the export department speak several languages, are experts in logistics and are well acquainted with both local regulations and the specifics and cultural context of the country to which they travel. Particularly in African and Asian countries, it is important to establish relationships based on trust, which is why we visit customers regularly and host them in Poland just as often.”

We provide help

Good-quality clothes are shipped to Africa, suited to both climatic conditions and cultural circumstances, which vary greatly from country to country and even from region to region. Moreover, on many occasions we have sent charitable aid to hospitals, schools, orphanages and mission centres to African countries together with the clothing.

AEO certificate

We hold the AEO certificate, which greatly speeds up international trade in goods, reduces customs clearance times and the number of controls.

Do you want to know more about the offer?

We are at your service:
Sebastian Skowron
e-mail: export@wtorpol.com.pl
Phone number: +48 606 609 886
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