Auchan – Swap Your Old Rucksack for a New One

Akcja społeczna

The initiative is being pursued in accordance with the principles of a circular economy. This is a system that minimises the consumption of raw materials and the volume of waste, as well as emissions and energy losses by reusing things no longer needed in other processes. In addition to environmental concerns, the social aspect of the entire project is equally important - support and cooperation with local communities, as is the educational dimension - showing children and young people that they can also have a real impact on saving the environment.

Both Wtórpol and Auchan, by getting involved in this action, want to show not only children and young people, but also parents that giving a second life to textiles of various kinds is easier than we think. Things in good condition can still be used by others instead of ending up in landfills. Worn items can be recycled into secondary raw materials and can be put back into circulation in a different form. Initiatives such as these prove that everyone has an impact on the environment and its resources. Moreover, the discount on new rucksacks certainly has an impact on the household budget when preparing a school starter kit.

Funds raised from giving a second life to school bags and rucksacks are used to purchase specialised rehabilitation equipment. It is distributed through the Eco Textil Foundation to selected special educational institutions and integrated schools.

During the preceding editions of the project we have collected over xx tonnes of rucksacks, that’s nearly xx thousand pieces! Together with the local Auchan shops, we have donated specialist equipment to institutions supporting the care of people with disabilities, including the Social Welfare Centre in Marki, the PREKURSOR Foundation and the Hospice of St. Francis in Katowice

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