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Participants of the best-known fashion programme in Poland visited locations owned by Wtórpol in two editions - in one, the TekStylowo second hand shop, and in the other, the clothing sorting plant in Skarżysko - Kamienna. Their tasks have consisted in giving a 'second life' to clothes and showing how much impact our fashion choices have on the environment and the health of the planet.

In the 2021 edition of Top Model, the programme participants visited the TekStylowo second-hand clothing shop in Warsaw. Everyone was impressed by how many good quality clothes could be found in the so-called resale shop. The task facing the future fashion stars was to create new outfits from the items available on site. Once all the participants had finished their resale hunting, it was time for the next part of the task. They were joined by well-known Polish designers: Jackob Buczyński, Maciek Sieradzky, Robert Kuta and Jakub Bartnik – winner of the first edition of Project Runway

With the support of designers, the future models proceeded to remake the clothes using sewing machines in such a manner as to give them an even more original character. On top of this, the participants had to prepare banners with slogans on giving clothes a second life.

The protagonists of the episode, dressed in their own stylisations and with banners in their hands, set off for the Vistula River Boulevards, where they were given another task – to convince passers-by on the boulevards of both their attire and the slogans on their banners. With the use of colourful balls, passers-by voted for the stylisations and slogans that most influenced their views and beliefs..

We are very excited that the producers of Top Model have once again drawn attention to the issue of not using unnecessary clothes. All the silhouettes created were impressive and showed that even things considered unnecessary by someone can have a second life.


In the 2019 edition of Top Model, the programme participants arrived at the Wtórpol sorting plant, where they were greeted by Michal Piróg, who comes from nearby Kielce. First, he showed them the hall where used clothing is processed into alternative fuel. Then the nine finalists stood together with the employees of Wtórpol at the sorting line..

The participants, in teams, had to choose the clothes which appealed to them. In turn, the second part of the task consisted in creating completely new stylisations with the use of sewing stations waiting in the warehouse of Wtórpol. The participants could also use the assistance of experienced dressmakers from the Dana company in Skarżysko Kościelne..

The participants later presented their stylisations on the catwalk, and the effects of their work were judged, inter alia, by the well-known designer Mariusz Przybylski and the eco-activist Areta Szpura.

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